Lydia Shaw Photography | Commercial, Portrait & Travel Photographer | Melbourne | Course Testimonials

"I enrolled and completed the Digital Photography 101 course in October 2015. I have always been interested in photography, however after purchasing a DSLR camera, I found that the simplest way was to shoot in auto and hope for the best! Since attending the course I now have an understanding of shutter speeds, ISO, white balance, showing action etc, which has in return given me better photographic results. I would recommend this course for beginners with a smattering of knowledge of how a camera works. Each week you are given detailed course notes as well as an assignment to complete (so you really need to read the notes!). Overall I found the course a valuable tool in really understanding the photos you are taking, and the course was delivered by Lydia in a professional and enthusiastic manner."

Richard Ellis


"I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to take your class.  It is so nice, after seven years of owning it, to finally understand my camera a little better, and be able to make some informed decisions about what I need to do for particular shots.

There were various reasons for wanting to take the class, but the two most important were to take more professional-looking travel photos, and to take nicer pictures of "stuff my kids do".  It's not perfect, but I took a picture of my son performing in a concert on Thursday evening. I used aperture priority, I played with the exposure and ISO, and I know for a fact it is 100 times better than anything I could have taken before your class!"

Donna Lemoing


“I had owned a digital SLR for about 12 months before I attended Lydia's beginners' class. Until then I had only shot in Auto 95% of the time. Lydia's course showed me the full capabilities of my camera and a number of clever photography techniques. I would recommend Lydia as both a photographer and as a teacher of photography.”

John Gabriel


“Lydia is a great photography teacher - she shows amazing passion for her subject and enthuses all her students. My simple family snaps improved immeasurably after taking her courses.”

Catherine Davies


“I was trying to find a way of getting into professional photography at the time, and really needed to brush up my technical knowledge of the area. As it happened, I bumped into Lydia and was really thrilled to have the chance to take her beginners photography course. I felt that the small class size and the friendly and informative nature in which she taught a massive bonus - and has given me that impetus to have now gone professional. Highly recommend her photography teaching, and very much hope that she continues in the future!”

Nadia Ismail